Garage Door Springs Repair


Garage doors may look light as a feather when they’re working properly. But once they get stuck, you can fully feel the heft of your door. At over 350 pounds, it can cause some serious problems if it’s not opening and closing properly.


One of the most common causes of faulty garage doors is a broken garage door spring.

Each time you close the Garage door the springs extend or wound and each time you open the door they discharge, consistently, for a long time, and simply like whatever else in this world, subsequent to working so hard for such a variety of years, in the end results in broken garage door springs.

The springs whole object is to oppose the entryway's weight by ether a counter torque in a torsion spring framework or a counter extend in an augmentation spring framework and they make it simple to climb and down ether physically or by a low fueled electrical engine.


About Us 

Pacific Garage Door Repair is a locally owned with 15 years of experience, Our goal is to bring you the best quality and service possible where door systems are concerned.

Our technicians are equipped with parts and accessories for most brands, they are professional and have years of field experience

We provide quality service and affordable repair or replacements.


We offer up front pricing and have technicians that are fast, friendly and professional. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to help our valued customers in the East Bay area. Because we have 15 years experience, we know about all the various types of garage doors on the market. We are specializing in a long list of services ranging from repair and replacement to maintenance of various garage door components and mechanisms including custom springs, broken springs, motors, rollers and cables, keypads garage door openers, transmitters, circuit boards, gear sets, hardware, and more.


We are committed to providing each of our clients the highest quality workmanship and the most affordable services you will ever find in the East Bay.